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Grafton – Kay McLennan (Muscular Dystrophy) Day

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All the ladies who played in the Kay McLennan Friendship Day. Image: Contributed

Monday April 6 – Grafton Pennant ladies travelled to Maclean.

Grade 1 Pennant team won 4/1 against Casino.

Kay Murdoch 2/1, Sharyn O’Grady 1 dn, Janette Blair 2up, Sue Petty 5/3 and Jane Wolfe 2up.

Grade 2 Pennant team lost 4 ½ /1/2 to Maclean.

Heather Robinson 4/5, Millie Harris square, Helen Packwood 1/2, Sue Byrnes 4/5and Di Chapman 4/5

Monday April 6 – 9 hole Stableford (22 starters)

Div 1: Jo Foley 21pts, r/up: Margaret Ross 20pts.

Div 2: Kim Perl 21pts c/b, r/up: Donna West 21pts.

NTP: 1st Wanda Jones.

Wednesday May 8 – 18 hole 4 person team Stableford event

Kay McLennan’s Friendship Day (Muscular Dystrophy).

A big thank you to the sponsors – the McLennan family.

It was a wonderful friendly day, everyone looking great in red/white. Reg and his two daughters Kathy and Vicki were halfway with refreshments and nibbles which certainly gave the day a third dimension and very much appreciated.

Winners: Helen Packwood, Helen Irving, Bev Snowdon, & Margaret Rickwood 87pts; r/up: Lyn Dahl, Jan Hamilton, Gai Leeson & Liz Smith 85pts; 2nd r/up: Heather Purtill, Sue Petty, Soo McPherson & Dale Bax 83pts c/b; 3rd r/up: Sharyn O’Grady, Janette Blair, Jane Wolfe & Shirley Goodger 83pts.

NTP’s: 1st  Heather Purtill, Sue Petty, Soo McPherson & Dale Bax; 6th Cheryl Shanley, Jen Townsend, Kay Murdoch & Peg James; 17th Helen Packwood, Helen Irving, Bev Snowdon & Margaret Rickwood.

There were 16 balls to a score of 79 c/b.

Friday May 10 – 18 hole Stableford

A big thank you to our sponsors Hair Solutions.

Overall winner: Heather Purtill 38pts.

Div1 winner: Noeline Smith 34pts; r/up: Jen Townsend 33pts c/b; 2nd r/up: Cheryl Shanley 33pts.

Div 2 winner: Roya Smith 36pts; r/up: Margaret Ross 32pts; 2nd r/up: Liz Fisher 31pts.

NTP’s 1st: Roya Smith; 10th: Robyn Wilkes.

There were 7 balls to 30pts c/b.

Saturday May 11 – 18 hole 2 person Ambrose (12 starters)

Winners: Vivienne Nichols/Marg Hopkins 68pts; r/up: Sue Petty/Janette Blair 70.5pts; 2nd r/up: Jen Townsend/Heather Purtill 71.5pts.

Dale Bax

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