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Grafton Jacaranda Festival unveils new crown

A new bespoke crown now adorns the top of Grafton’s iconic Clock Tower.

The 3.2 metre high crown, constructed by Tony Blackadder from Grafton Ally Fabrication, was hoisted on top of the Clock Tower early on Wednesday morning, heralding the count down to the Festival.

Festival manager Mark Blackadder said the new crown was made of aluminium to replace the old corroded steel crown and would bring a fresh look to the iconic piece.

“Tony and electrician John Hough who did the lighting have done a fabulous job to ensure the new crown not only looks fantastic, but will last a very long time,” he said.

“It has been modelled on the old one, a replica of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation crown, and includes weatherproof LED lights and the addition of a silver ball on top.

“It also weighs around half that of the old crown, which made it easier to hoist in place on Wednesday morning.”

Erected in 1909 to commemorate the Jubilee of the incorporation of the City of Grafton, the town’s Clock Tower stands as a symbol of civic pride and strength.

In 1953 it was decorated with flags and bunting as well as a huge crown for the street parade in celebration of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Since then and continuing this tradition the Clock Tower is now ceremoniously decorated with a splendid crown of lights each year.

This year will also see new crowns for the Jacaranda Queen and Junior Queen, which will be unveiled as part of this year’s Grafton Jacaranda Festival.

The unveiling of the crowns will take place at the Westlawn and Hall & Prior Queen Crowning, on Saturday October 26.

The 2019 Grafton Jacaranda Festival takes place from Friday October 25 to Sunday November 3.

For more information and full event details or to book tickets to any event go to

The new Jacaranda Crown which was lifted into place on top of the Grafton Clock Tower on Wednesday morning last week, to herald the countdown of this year’s Jacaranda Festival. Image: Lynne Mowbray

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