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Golfers keen to see sunshine

Posted February 26, 2020.

With most golf of at Yamba of late being cancelled due to the rain, golfers couldn’t wait to get on the course and enjoy the sunshine all be it 40 degrees in the shade and with the  Bonville course closed to the members, because of the  Australian Ladies Classic,  a few of them ventured to Yamba for a game.

One Bonville member, Wayne Scott started his round on the 10th with his very first shot of the day going in the hole for an Ace, he then proceeded to go wipe, wipe, wipe. Great shot Wayne.

Other winners were: in A Grade Craig Erskine with 38 points for 1st from Rob Gallagher 37pts and 3rd went to Greg Wyllie with 36pts on a count back.

In B Grade Nathan Whittingham was the winner with 42pts from Col Simmons 37pts and 3rd went to Bruce Ginn with 36pts.

Ashley Ekin had his first win taking out C Grade with an impressive 40pts from Keith Britton 36pts and 3rd went to Patrick Chapman with 35pts.

NTPs: SeaFire Steak and Seafood 3rd – Peter McCallum at 316cm; Peter Campbell Physio 9th – Greig Little at 68cm; SeaFire 10th – Wayne Scott with his hole in one and Wayne also took home the Pro Pin; Yamba Barber Shop 12th – P Brooks from Ryde Parramatta at 47cm; SeaFire 17th – Peter Brennan at 275cm.

Balls for the day went to 32 with 18 on the back 9.

Saturday 4BBB aggregate Stableford

Only 106 players went out on Saturday due to early showers and lots of mozzies, the one’s that did found the course very wet on the back 9 but still a fun day out.

One of the shots of the day was from A Grader Andrew Kelly who on the 12th hit 8 iron and almost holed his shot with his ball finishing a mere 83cm from the hole giving him the nearest to the pin. Andrew then proceeded to miss the first putt, which was for the win, then miss the 2nd putt, which was for the square and finally sink the 3rd putt for the loss and to top it all off his playing partners forgot to wright his name on the nearest to the pin sheet so for that he got nothing.

The winning team of the day was Ashley Ekin and Alexander Holland with a great 78pts from Rex Bolte and Dave Carothers with 75pts and 3rd went to Dave Bruton and John Hogan with 74pts.

NTPs: John Wright Pro Shop 3rd – Andrew Harris – 12cm; Peter Campbell Physio 9th – Neil Gore-Brown (Coolangatta) at 239cm; SeaFire 10th – Don Schlussler at 99cm; the Pro Pin 10th went to Terry Winser at 317cm; SeaFire 12th – Dave Bruton at 280cm; Bean Scene 17th – Terry Hicks at 530cm and the 2nd shot 17th was Terry Bull at 92cm.

Balls for the day were given out on single scores and went to 33pts with 18 or better on the back 9.

Chris Durrington

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