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Getting into the golfing swing for charity

Maclean Golf Club pro Paul King pictured taking a put with on lookers from the Club. Image: contributed.

The Maclean Golf Club is home to a great membership of golfers who are looking forward to inviting everyone to take part in their upcoming charity golf day to support the regions Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter.

Sunday November 10 is your chance to take part in a 4 person ambrose event with hit off at 8.30am for 9am start with a BBQ lunch included.

Spokesperson for the Rescue Helicopter, Zeke Huish remarked “Community fundraisers like the Maclean golf day are always a great day out.”

“Even if your golfing skills aren’t the greatest, this event promises a good laugh or too as people chip in, pardon the pun, to support the Rescue Helicopter.”

To find out more to book call the pro shop on 6645 2183.

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