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GDSC Triples Champions

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Club Triples Champions G Harrison, T Dalton and K Garner. Image: Contributed

Wednesday had a good number of 48 bowlers at the GDSC enjoying the perfect winters day. Winners were A Gough and J Pye, with B Rapley and B Gaarsted coming out as the runners up. The lucky loser prize was won by H Zegerius and M Cook. R Power won the Tony’s Handyman and Home Maintenance resting toucher prize with an early time of 13:20.

Last Friday saw 36 social bowlers at the GDSC enjoying a good social day of bowls. The winner’s prize was won by P Sutton and K Foster, with B Elder and J Moerenhout getting the runners up and R Marchant and B Buckley claiming the lucky loser prize money. The Tony’s Handyman and Home Maintenance resting toucher award went to R Ulrick, with a time of 13:32.

The Club Triples Champions were decided on Saturday afternoon between G Harrison, K Garner and T Dalton and N Henwood, N Jolliffe and K Landrigan. In a game that changed with nearly every bowl delivered, T Daltons team were able to get that one bowl in that allowed them to skip out to a lead that proved too difficult to chase down. They eventually went on to claim a 25 to 16 victory over the team skipped by K Landrigan in what was a great game to watch.

The Minor Singles games began on Friday between N Henwood and A Gough, and in a close game N Henwood pipped A Gough 31 to 25. Saturday saw T Want play brilliantly to claim a 31 to 9 win over D Cutts, whilst in the other game P Sutton booked himself a spot in the final after defeating M Shorten in a good game 31 to 24.

I would also like to congratulate D Wood, L Basset, P Cubbin and T MacDonald who were successful in getting through to the State RSL 4’s playoff. The team travelled to Taree on Friday and played against Zone 11, and after getting off to a slow start and being 9 to 0 down after 6 ends came back to win 19 to 13.

Good luck to the team of B Elder, G Gumbleton, L Basset and R Toovey who are off to play in the Zone Reserve 4’s on the weekend.

Remember to keep checking at the club for any upcoming games and that wraps up this week in bowls.

Commiserations to Jason Ryan who bowed out at Brooms Head in the Champion of Champions tournament; bad luck mate but congratulations on making it that far.

Leith Basset

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