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GDSC Minor Pairs Champions

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Minor Pairs Champions, Garry Gumbleton and Matty Shorten. Image: contributed

Last week the 2019 Minor Pairs Championship was run and won. Garry Gumbleton and Matty Shorten won a close contest on Wednesday against T Want and L Basset, picking up a two shot win on the last end after it was all square after 20 ends.

They continued this run of form in the final played against J Cameron and A Gough. The game started evenly before Garry and Matty began to run away on the score board. John and Allan tried valiantly to bridge the gap however, things didn’t go their way. In the end Gary and Matty went on to win 23 – 17 to become this year’s champions.

The Major/Minor pairs have also begun for 2019, with the first game being played on Friday. In this game the team of G Taylor and P Cubbin were too strong for P Heath and K Landrigan, winning 25 – 16. The second game, played on Sunday morning, saw L Bond and M Walsh play against and N Henwood. In what was a close contest, L Bond and M Walsh played some massive shots to hold on and win 21 – 18 in a great game of bowls.

Friday had 42 bowlers at the GDSC trying not to get blown off the greens. Winners were B Elder and R Grant whilst R Cavanagh and P Goratschow were drawn out as the runners up.

Lucky Losers for Friday went to the team of B Hall and T MacDonald. The Tony’s Handyman and Home Maintenance resting toucher was won by T Want with a good time of 13:23.

Wednesday saw a good number of 46 bowlers rolling them down at the GDSC. Winners for Wednesday went to D Clarke and R Shorten whilst J Cameron and A Gough were runners up. The days Lucky Losers were L Newcome and R Wilson. There were two good bowlers on the day however, B Williams won the Tony’s Handyman and Home Maintenance resting toucher prize with a time of 14:51.

Remember to keep checking the board for upcoming games. A reminder that the RSL ‘Get Together’ day at Grafton is on at the end of this month; so get your teams in.

Leith Basset

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