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Findex Ladies Pro-am has international feel

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This Friday Yamba Golf and Country Club plays host to possibly the biggest tournament of its 64 years history with the running of the ALPG Findex Pro-am.

After a drop in numbers last year the event was revised and revamped with the organisers making this years event a qualifying round for the ISPS Handa Victorian Ladies Open and the ISPS Handa Women’s Australian Open.

This will attract a field of around 84 professionals from 21 different countries, all playing for a qualifying spot in the big tournaments as well as a part of the 22K purse.

Findex have been our major sponsor of the men’s Pro-am for many years and as from last year decided to switch to the ladies with the growing success of women’s sport across Australia.

The event kicks off on Thursday afternoon around 5pm with the running of the Duncan’s Carpet Cleaning shoot out, which is a great to watch, Duncan’s have also been on board for many years as well supporting this and other tournaments..

The actual Pro-am kicks off on Friday morning with limited spots for amateurs still available.

Spectators are more than welcome to come down and walk around the course to watch what is shaping up to be an amazing tournament with some of the best female golfers throughout the world and with the course in pristine condition players are in for a treat.

Chris Durrington

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