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Filipinos celebrate

Lynne Mowbray |

The Clarence Valley Filipino-Australian Community Club Inc. will be celebrating the country’s Independence Day this Saturday June 16 at the Community Centre, Duke Street, Grafton.

This year marks the 120th Philippine Independence Day and celebrates the anniversary of the proclamation of the Philippine Independence Day from the Spaniards on 12 June, 1898.

The group wishes to invite the community to join in their celebrations and to experience their culture; food, music and dances and Filipino tradition.

Doors will open at 11am with the programme commencing at 12 noon.
Admission is $10 (for non-members) and children 5-12 years old $5.
There will also be a raffle and prizes.

Around 300 people attended last year’s celebrations, so make sure you don’t miss this colourful celebration of Filipino culture.

For more information contact: Nancy Crook, president – Clarence Valley Filipino-Australian Community Club Inc. on 0410 880 805.

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