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Fierce Female Farmers support crew campaign

The ‘Fierce Female Farmer’ campaign is going from strength to strength. Image: contributed

About five weeks ago a couple of Grafton businesswomen decided to help our ‘Fierce Female Farmers’ doing it tough in Inverell, NSW.  Initially it was for the procurement of feminine hygiene products for a pack for the girls. It was amazing to think that in this day and age, women go without purchasing these products due to the high cost and juggling their finances with the drought. This spurred us on.

With the generosity of Grafton and our surrounding areas, we were able to send to Inverell, 10 full plastic tubs full of these products as well as self care goodies for these packs.

Then the organiser, farmer Margy (who herself is a farmer in Inverell doing it tough), decided that she wanted to do something special for the women for a Christmas/ morning tea pack. Our Grafton Fierce Female Farmer support crew got into action once again.

With the generosity of Grafton Shoppingworld, we have taken over a shop in The Link with our display and donated goodies for the Christmas packs. We sold out in five days. We are having a ‘Girls Only’ tour to Inverell in November where we will shop big in their town and take our Christmas goodies to the girls. And then it’s snowballed.  

We are now selling raffle tickets with the first prize being a brand new Iphone valued at over $1,800 kindly donated by Grafton Telstra Shop. Then there is a book night at The Book Warehouse in Grafton where people can purchase a book to be donated into the packs for a bit of light relief (escapism) for our farmers. Following this, a movie night has been organised at the Saraton Theatre in Grafton on Thursday November 7. All funds received from these events will go towards the purchase of vouchers from local Inverell businesses to be included in the Fierce Female Farmer packs for Christmas. Our vouchers will be purchased from local butchers, cafes and coffee shops so the girls can go chat and relax for a bit over a coffee, the chemists and other small local businesses. We believe that this is our way of supporting the small businesses and our farmers in Inverell.

Donations of goods (think nice biscuits, tea, coffee, fruit cake and yes even Vegemite) can be dropped off at either Northland Coach & Travel or Red Hot Hair in The Link Grafton Shoppingworld. For further information call Janelle on  0412 266 238 or Fran at Red Hot Hair 6643 5617.

Janelle Hale

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