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Fatal weekend road accident at Harwood

A women was killed follow a multiple vehicle accident on the Pacific Highway north of Harwood just before midday on Sunday.

It is understood a vehicle travelling north crossed to the incorrect side of the road, colliding with several other oncoming vehicles.

The Westpac Rescue Helicopter attended the crash site at which a number of occupants of vehicles were trapped and seriously injured. 

A second Westpac Rescue Helicopter from Tamworth landed at the scene. Multiple patients were treated by local ambulance paramedics and both the helicopters Critical Care Medical teams. 

An 8 year female was flown from the scene to the Gold Coast University Hospital suffering from multiple traumatic injuries. Five remaining patients were transported by road ambulance to the Lismore Base Hospital with serious injuries. 

All lanes of the Pacific Highway were closed for several hours whist recovery and crash investigations were carried out.

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