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Exhibition of Grafton’s racing memorabilia

Grafton Race Memorabilia - Some of the many items currently on exhibit at the Schaeffer House Museum, in Grafton. Images: Marta Fergusson.

Lynne Mowbray |

The Clarence River Jockey Club in Grafton is renowned Australia-wide; with the July Racing Carnival being one of the largest country race meetings, in New South Wales.

The Clarence River Jockey Club [CRJC] was founded the same year as the running of the first Melbourne Cup, in 1861.

Prior to the formation of the club, match races had been carried on by the squatters in Grafton since the 1840s.
Since then the CRJC has grown to become one of Australia’s most important country race clubs.

Schaeffer House Museum in Grafton, hosts a wealth of information and exhibits relating to the history of racing in Grafton.

Their current exhibition of Grafton Race Memorabilia is definitely one to check out.

Don’t miss out on seeing the original ‘Cups’ and outfits that were worn to some of the first race meetings.

Schaeffer House is open Tuesdays to Thursdays form 1pm – 4pm and can be found on Fitzroy Street, Grafton.

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