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Every day is World Environment Day

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Thanks to the CV Independent for its two page coverage on World Environment Day last week.

Every day ought to be World Environment Day, particularly for the relatives and friends of the 7 million people who die prematurely due to air pollution every year; because clean, unpolluted air on a daily basis every day, is one of our four essential needs for a long and healthy life.

Two groups of voters appeared most concerned about clean air in our climate emergency when I handed out How To Vote cards for The Greens on election day.

People showing the most concern about our mounting climate emergency were young and newly enrolled female voters and young mothers. Another group voicing great concerns about the sort of future world we are voting for were elderly grandmothers, in particular those born before the advent of commercial television, born in a less wasteful era than today.

And I imagine both our young women and our grandmothers will now have great concerns about the possible adverse environmental effects on the water quality of our precious Clarence and Mann rivers now that, after the election of course, the copper mine exploration is to recommence at Cangai near Grafton.

Thank goodness the future is what you choose.

Harry Johnson, Iluka

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