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Environmental understanding…exciting


I am delighted to read such a comprehensive feature on this year’s important environmental initiative in last week’s “Independent” (16/1/19).

And how exciting it is to hear the extent of environmental understanding coming from Shalise Leesfield, a 12 year old girl. Some of our passionate environmental advocates are really very young.

The article mentioned a range of innovative ideas that would be included as topics our students would explore such as both waste management and water management.

However of absolute importance I believe is the topic of waste minimisation. Refilling your reusable drink bottle with tap water again and again and again is an example of waste minimisation. Why not put out your recyclables bin when it is nearly full rather than every week? It’s your choice.

 I believe 2019 will be the year when we vote and act towards a sustainable world for our children.

Harry Johnson, Iluka

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