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End of Year photography awards

End of Year digital colour 1st place Terry Lilley ‘Round Up’

The Grafton Camera Club capped off a successful year of photography challenges and learning new techniques with its annual Christmas party and presentation evening on Thursday December 13 at the Joan Muir Community Centre.

The winners of the End of Year competition were: Marie Moremon for large colour print; Jan Wilson for small colour print, and monochrome print; Terry Lilley for digital colour and Tess Schembri for monochrome digital.

The overall highest point scorers for the year in each category were: Tess Schembri for digital colour and digital monochrome; Bev Crockett for monochrome print, and Jan Wilson for small and large colour print.

The club will have a break over the Christmas period and meet again on Thursday January 10 at 6.30pm for a social evening.

For details about the club visit our website or Facebook page.

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