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Eat to the Beat at Yamba Bowlo

A scene from one of the previous ‘Eat to the Beat’ events, at Bowlo Sports and Leisure, Yamba. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray|

Bowlo Sports and Leisure Yamba is the place to be this Saturday January 11, from 4pm – 9pm for the best Indie bands and street food trucks.

The club’s marketing manager Blake Wolfe said that they have 17 food stalls attending which will serve up an array of culinary delights for those attending.

“There will be a huge variety of foods including Indonesian, Indian, pizzas and pork etc,” Blake said.

“We normally hold this event in June and this is our first Eat to the Beat in summer, so we’re hoping that tourists come along as well.

“We just wanted to provide an event for the locals and the tourists during the summer period.

“We’ll also have craft beer and beverage bar outside and free kid’s entertainment with face painting and a jumping castle.

“The main focus and our point of difference with these food truck festivals, is with the bands. We don’t hold back, patrons don’t get just your usual solo or duo – we’ve got four, quality bands. So there’ll be a full line up of four bands throughout the day.

“We have one local band from Maclean ‘The Rupperts’ and the others are all from Brisbane and they are all up and coming bands –  performing roots, reggae and rock.

“It should be a good day and hopefully everyone gets up and starts dancing,” he said.

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