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Doing ‘Business after Hours’

Business after Hours is a new initiative from the Maclean Chamber of Commerce. image: Fran Dowsett

The Maclean District Business Chamber held its inaugural Business after Hours event on Tuesday November 12.

The popular event was hosted by Sanctus Brewing Company, a new business in Townsend and a new member of the Chamber.

Maclean District Business Chamber president Brendan Reeves said it was a wonderful evening thanks to the hosts and everyone went away knowing a lot more about brewing beer.

“This event kicks off the new format Maclean Business Chamber has implemented,” he said.

“Members general meeting are now replaced by business and community networking events including breakfast meetings with guest speakers, Business after Hours events, a business promotion and networking event, and Christmas party and other special events.”

The executive team is keen to move the Chamber forward and concentrate on growing member numbers in 2020, attract new members and provide an interesting array of events.

“We are also committed to addressing local issues and lobbying on behalf of our members,” Mr Reeves said.

The executive team will continue to meet monthly and is available to members for any matters to be discussed by emailing

Business after Hours is a new initiative from the Maclean Chamber of Commerce.

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