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Do you love horses?

If you live in this house, you can be sure to see thoroughbred racehorses at least six days a week.

The modern house in the jacaranda city of Grafton overlooks the racetrack.

You might be woken up in the morning by the sound of horses’ hooves, as track riders give their horses some exercise.

Later, you might be able to see some horses taking part in barrier trials.

And on many days you can see the jockeys in their colourful silks, urging these magnificent animals to pass the winning post in first position.

Several trainers have premises within walking distance of the house, so it might be possible for you to get work in the racing industry.

Features of the house include three bedrooms, family room, lounge/dining area, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and laundry (with a second toilet).

The laundry could be converted easily into a second bathroom.

One bedroom could be used as an office, while the family room could be used as a games room, home gym, music room, TV room or fourth bedroom.

Highlights of the house include an attractive staircase, made from durian wood and a big balcony, which is ideal for entertaining guests or just watching the world go by.

Seven solar panels help to reduce power costs.

The double garage has an automatic door.

Security measures include window locks and sensor lights on the walls.

The house is being sold partly furnished, which will include a refrigerator, washing machine, double bed, two bedside tables, three-seat lounge, two-seat lounge, kitchen table and four chairs.

So the property could suit an investor. The estimated rental value is $420 to $440 a week.

The small garden is popular with native birds, while a gravel path surrounds the house, so you never need to enter the house with muddy shoes.

People who want to produce some of their own food could keep chickens in the back yard and grow vegetables and fruit at the front of the house.

The location is excellent, with schools and a shopping centre close by, while the Clarence River is not far away.

If you like sport, you can’t go wrong. As well as horse racing and golf facilities over the road (the racetrack surrounds a golf course), the property is close to a greyhound racetrack, swimming pool, rugby league field, indoor sports centre, gymnasium and bowling alley.

For more information, phone 0499-409-393.

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