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‘Days for Girls’ Maclean

We will be having a very special day on Friday April 26. This is our normal cutting, sewing and packing day.

Bronwyn Finlayson will be our guest speaker; she has been delivering some of our Days for Girls kits to remote villages in Vietnam; she will tell us of her us of her experiences and how the kits are received. And we will be packing kits especially for Bronwyn to take back with her.

Note the day, Friday April 26 at the Anglican Church Maclean from (9am-12am) with morning tea at 10am.

Come along and call in and have cup of tea/coffee; you are very welcome and we will show you how we make the feminine washable kits for girls in third world countries.

For further Information contact Muriel Harris on 6646 4107.

Muriel Harris

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