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CVC retains its ‘family’ of logos

Geoff Helisma |

At the June 25 Clarence Valley Council (CVC) meeting, councillors decided to retain all of the council’s logos and brands.

The debate about CVC’s logos began at the April council meeting when Cr Greg Clancy moved a notice of motion to assess the cost of replacing CVC’s tourism logo “with a more appropriate logo” because it resembled “a cluster of helium balloons flying in the air”.

Following several amendments and some strident debate about whether or not the tourism logo depicted balloons, councillors voted to undertake and table a review of all of CVC’s logos at the July council meeting – councillors Novak, Baker, Toms, Ellem, Clancy and Simmons were in favour; councillors Lysaught, Williamson and Baker against.

At the July CVC meeting, staff recommended retaining all of CVC’s logos; however, Cr Karen Toms moved a motion to phase out the tourism logo, which was defeated, while retaining the other logos.

Councillor Toms’ motion flagged that “no expenditure be incurred in the phasing out of this logo, but rather that all brochures, tourism collateral, etc. be used until exhausted”.

Councillors Lysaught, Williamson, Baker, Kingsley and Simmons defeated the motion, which was supported by councillors Toms, Clancy, Ellem and Novak.

Staff reported to council that CVC “has one distinct logo for the organisation, but also has a family of logos that relate to different businesses or elements … events or services.

“Each logo is representative of the particular ‘sub-business’ brand, its values and target market.

“They are developed and utilised to suit their specific purpose.”

Councillor Toms completed her opening argument – after pointing out the dangers discarded balloons pose to wildlife – by pleading with her fellow councillors to “please, please, continue the fight for our wildlife, our environment and don’t promote the letting go and littering of pretty coloured balloons”.

Councillor Arthur Lysaught said he wasn’t “sure how a stamp on a bit of paper is going to kill birds or fish or anything else for that matter” and that “a lot of work went into putting these logos in place; it seems silly to me to be running around changing any of them”.

Councillor Clancy said retaining the tourism logo would be “farcical”.

“We need our logos to depict what the valley is,” he said. “It’s not a place to come and release balloons; it’s a place people come to enjoy the natural environment,”

Councillor Andrew Baker said “you are kidding yourself” to those who argued that the logo depicts balloons.

“I can’t vote for this because it does nothing,” he said. “They are graphic depictions and that is all they are.”

Councillor Deborak Novak said CVC needed to “come into the modern era and show leadership”.

“It’s hypocritical to have [balloons] on brochures,” she said.

Councillor Richie Williamson said phasing out the tourism logo and the associated debate was “a complete and utter waste of time”.

“Mr Mayor the sooner we get down to serious business the better,” he said.

Councillor Peter Ellem said: “Balloons, dots, balls, it just a poxy bit of clip art in my opinion.

“Retire it and down the track a new council might look at a proper tourism logo.”

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