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CRU3A croquet

Eight new members have joined in two weeks. On Tuesday we welcomed Rosemary, Susan, Mal, David and Keith back after some weeks away.

Three game winners were Margie B., Morna, Maureen, David and Susan, most others scored two. Two jumps shots for Susan, hoop to hoops for Dianne, Joan and Maureen. Very hot weather and no rains make for very fast Greens.

Numbers well down on Friday, but Genie had a good day with four wins, and three each for Lucy, Judy and Mal. We’re looking forward to the new café opening in the Raymond Laurie Centre and relaxing with a fine coffee after play.

Visitors and new members always welcome, with a 7.30am start during the hot weather on Tuesday and Friday, next to Raymond Laurie Centre at the Yamba Sports Field. All equipment is provided, and the cost is $5, ring Ros on 6646 0235.

Ros Higgins

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