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Crack up Comedy – Yamba Bowlo Thurs June 14 8Pm

Any folks around Yamba on Thursday June 14; make sure you come and check out this cracking line-up of comedians at Bowlo Sports & Leisure Yamba – featuring comedy cowboy ‘Doony’, the quick witted Jeremy Sexton and hilarious headliner Paul McMahon, with the loose-lipped Vanessa Larry Mitchell as MC.

Doony is the ‘The Punters’ Champion’: “If you’re skating on thin ice you might as well tap dance,” he says. And he has a penchant for “pointing the funny bone at yourself, himself and everything in between”.

Independent reviewers of the show: “Great night with many talented comedians, MC rocked it as well, haven’t laughed that hard & loud in a long time,” says Shawn Holland on Crack up Comedy’s Facebook site.

“Gurus, vagina jokes and a bar; what more could a bearded Taco want?” says Taco Rodriguez. Lisa Murphy reckons she had a “great night out with lots of laughs! Great local talent and a hilarious MC. Loved it!” Trish Wilson’s “face is still sore” after an “epic night” of laughter. The show gets cracking in the Boardwalk Bar at 8pm; entry is free.

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