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Coutts Crossing croquet

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Members were kept busy over the holiday period with twice as many players as last year. Eight of the McLennan clan came, including Danahers and Ashtons. Rusty Case was camped nearby and played often. After the big rain day, grass has grown rapidly, and the mowing crew did a great job keeping it in check. 

The new year started with Lola McFee joining the club and hitting her first jump shot on the same day. We had three visitors, Amanda Brodie in her first game struck the ball well, and skilled players Megan Stuart and Bob Martin came down from the Eildon Cub at Redcliffe. The inform players for the first day of 2019 are John Hall and Lola McFee with three wins each. Keith and Jan Brodie (recent recruits) have made an immediate impact with skillful play.

Peter Deeth and Peter Martin got the Association Croquet year started. Peter Martin, fresh from his victory in Fiji, edged to a 20-16 win in a match which showed how rusty both players were.

For those who have made a New Year resolution for more exercise for both body and mind, now is the time to join us. Call 6649 5109 for details of when to play.

 Peter Martin

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