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Council declares a “Climate Emergency”

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Congratulations to our Council for declaring a “Climate Emergency.”

It’s great to know that our Council has taken this leadership role in Australia and is now one of 12 local government authorities that have taken this important initiative at this time in the lead-up to the “Climate Change” election in three weeks time.

No doubt the Primary and High School students and voters of all ages who attended Friday’s Clarence Valley climate change strike warmly welcomed our Council’s initiative.

Two million households in Australia have now invested in their childrens’ and their grandchildrens’ future by installing rooftop solar on their homes. Many of these voters will now look to our “Climate Emergency” council and its community-based Climate Change Advisory Council to at long last start to adequately address the climate emergency.

Now you can expect our council to fast track the reduction of emissions that are causing our climate emergency in the following ways:-

 generate cost savings through the adoption of energy efficiency measures,

 invest in a far greater use of renewables,

 invest a percentage of its investment portfolio with institutions that do not invest in fossil fuel companies.

And finally of fundamental importance to those councillors who we vote into council is that our council now has the vital opportunity to lobby both our state and federal governments on the urgency of reducing emissions now.

Thankfully at long last our children’s and grandchildrens’ climate emergency is the election issue for so many voters.

Thankfully in our democracy the future is what we choose.

Harry Johnson, Iluka

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