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Contemporary art gallery opening

Local artist Kade Valja, from South Grafton’s new Flow Space Gallery and studios. The gallery will hold its official opening, this Sunday afternoon. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Lynne Mowbray |

There is a lot of positive energy surrounding the new art gallery Flow Space, in South Grafton, which is celebrating its official opening this Sunday. 

‘Flow Space’ is the Clarence Valleys newest contemporary art gallery, which provides a place for creative workshops as well as a small retail art supply shop.

The gallery’s official opening will showcase its first group exhibition, titled ‘Outre’ which will feature the work of more than 10 artists from near and far.

The opening will also have a diverse line up of performers, who will perform their music ‘live’, between 5-10pm on Sunday.

There is no admission charge and craft beer will be provided by New England Brewery. 

Flow Space gallery is located at 6/46 Through Street, South Grafton.

For more information check out ‘Flow Space Gallery’ on Google.

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