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Commercial complex – High Yield

32 River St, Maclean $545,000

This well sited commercial building represents an ideal opportunity for the astute investor to secure their own freehold in the vibrant CBD precinct. This property is offered as Tenanted Investment – 8% ROI.

The building was designed in 1988 by local Building Consultants, Designers & Draftsmen – Brownlow & Flynn. Sited on 255sqm land parcel, zoned B2 Local Centre and offers dual street frontage to River Street and Munro Lane.

The property presents a compelling opportunity for an investor looking to take advantage of the infrastructure growth in the Clarence Valley and secure a foothold in Maclean CBD.

Maclean is centrally located on the eastern sea board located 661km to Sydney; 266kkm to Brisbane; 131km to Coffs Harbour; 90km to Ballina and 54km to Grafton. Commercial property within the Maclean central business district is tightly held and few opportunities are available for the astute investor.

Contact the listing agent Judithann Forrester, 0428 455 000, for an Information Memorandum.

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