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Combined Churches end of year Christmas concert

As always, whenever we ‘Come and Meet Each Other’, we had a marvellous time as we shared lunch and took part in a Christmas concert together.

It was a real pleasure to meet and welcome the new SDA Pastor, Adam Cinzio, to his first event with us.

He welcomed us into his Church and fitted in very well with our plans, taking part, playing the piano and guitar, singing with his son, Kalib, whom, at only 11, has a beautiful voice, which we are sure to hear again, and introducing his daughter, Karina Elizabeth, and, joining with the Catholic group of Monica O’Keeffe, Julia Young, Fr. Christopher Maurice, with guitar, button accordion and mouth organ, led us in singing praise songs.

Audrey Russell and our chairman, Val Keevers (UCA), sang ‘In the Garden’, with Adam Cinzio on piano; Glenys read one of her original poems, then Adam joined the Catholic group with his accordion, singing with Monika a mix of Italian and German songs;

Joyce Cowan, Baptist, read her inspirational view of the birth of Jesus in a bed of straw, which changed the world forever; Rev. Lenore Parker, Indigenous and Anglican, spoke an inspired story of earth, sky and sea all being all part of the Salvation Story.

Our Treasurer, Presbyterian Nita Barnsley, introduced the programme for the World Day of Prayer, to be held in the Presbyterian Church on Friday March 1 at 10am, with all our churches and the community heartily invited and welcome to attend, the programme prepared by the country of Slovenia.

Every denomination will take part in this service, and the Bible Society will receive our donation gifts to be used for the needs of the Children of Slovenia.

The first Meeting of the CCF for 2019 will be held on Tuesday March 5 at 1.30pm in the Baptist Church, Townsend, with everyone invited to attend, to plan our programme of our Service for the year to come.

So you are welcome to ‘Come and Meet Each Other’ there. We have very happy times together.

Glenys Irons

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