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Club encourages the community to borrow their AED

CEO of Yamba Bowling and Recreation Club Phil Boughton with the recently installed Automated External Defibrillator (AED), which is available around the clock to nearby residents, in an emergency. The unit has been installed within their newly built outdoor BBQ area. Image: Lynne Mowbray

Bowlo Sports and Leisure recently installed an additional Automated External Defibrillator (AED) within their newly built BBQ area. “This device saves lives,” CEO Phil Boughton said. “We have used AED’s in the past for members suffering heart attacks and the defibrillator used by trained Club staff made the life or death difference”, he said.

The Club already has a defibrillator but this is kept in a secure location. The Club wanted to have another device that can be used by the local community in cases of emergencies even when the club is closed. “Nearby residents are welcome to race across to the Club and take the AED straight from the unlocked box”, Mr Boughton said.

Although it is recommended that the user should be trained in how to operate an AED, they are very simple to use and in a life or death situation there may be little choice. “The Cardiac Science unit at the club will actually talk to you and tell you what to do” Mr Boughton said. But interested nearby residents can borrow a video that illustrates how to use the AED so they can be prepared in an emergency he added.   

The Club held a mass-training CPR and first aid training day just before Christmas. Twenty six club members who often volunteer at the Club met with St John’s Ambulance representatives and undertook the training which included how to use the AED. That is twenty six more people in our community who can save lives, Mr Boughton said.

“If the AED saves just one life, it will be well worth it”, Mr Boughton said.

Members of the community are welcome to go to the club and familiarise themselves with where the device is and the quickest way to get to it in an emergency. They can also visit club reception and ask to borrow the training DVD.

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