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Climate action needed


Members of the Grafton Loop of the Knitting Nannas Against Gas and Greed have written to the Member for Page, Kevin Hogan, about their concern about the Federal Government’s lack of action on climate change.

It is quite obvious to the Nannas and to many other members of the community in our electorate and elsewhere that the pace of climate change is accelerating and that we are going to be subjected to an increasing range of impacts which will cause distress to individuals and communities as well as having major and long-term effects on the economy.

The Nannas are astounded at the Government’s lack of response to this growing climate emergency. The fact that it has no climate policy is appalling and grossly incompetent. It shows a lack of concern for the national interest and for future generations of Australians.

While the Nannas have called on Mr Hogan to tell them what he, as a member of a government party, proposes to do to remedy this disgraceful situation, we believe that he needs to give this information to the electorate as a whole.

Leonie Blain
On behalf of the Grafton Nannas

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