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For those wanting to make music there are still places in the beginners ‘Ukulele’ group. You will need your own ukulele. The group meets every Monday from 1 to 3 pm at the Men’s Shed, Townsend; contact group leader Julie McKenzie on 0415 836 194 or .

‘Let’s All Sing’ group launched their whole new programme ‘That’s Amour’ when they performed at Caroona Hostel on Thursday June 6. This group visits local retirement and aged care facilities where they provides entertainment for mature aged citizen who take part in a sing-a-long. With much excitement for the first time this group will be performing two songs in the non-competitive section of the concert at the Lower Clarence Eisteddfod on Sunday June 16. Why not get along and enjoy the concert. After the thrill of the Eisteddfod their outing will be at Iluka Sandpipers on June 26.

Still with the music, a good crowd turned up again at Treelands Drive Community Centre for the 2nd in a series of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas – ‘The Yeoman of the Guard’. It is set in Shakespearean times during the reign of King Henry VIII. It is the darkest and most emotionally engaging of the Savoy Operas. After many plot complications, the hero, who was wrongfully accused of being a sorcerer and condemned to death, wins the fair maiden. The next operetta will be ‘The Gondoliers’ on July 17, so if you are interested in coming along to join the fun, not to mention the wine and cheese platters, followed by supper, contact Laura O’Brien at  An operetta is shown approximately every six weeks, commencing at 6.30pm and finishing at 9pm at a cost of $5.

Thirty-two members of ‘A Little Bit of Culture’ will be at Neil Diamond Tribute Show at the Yamba Golf Club for the dinner/show on Saturday 22. The Club should be contacted if you would like to join other members.

Twenty members of the ‘Bush Walking’ group enjoyed a wonderful walk on June 3. It was beautiful weather despite some early concerns. A spectacular view from the lookout at Evans Head began the day. Then we followed the ridgeline above the beaches to Chinaman’s beach. Some walked on a bit further along the beach and a couple had a swim. We came back via the beaches and we lucky enough to see dolphins in the ravine in front of the ‘trig light’ towards the end. Whales too were visible for those with a keen eye (or imagination). The walk will become a regular one I think and possibly a little longer. Next walk will be early August.  

Thirty-two players on Tuesday, good to see Tessa up for the winter from the deep south, several accused her of bringing the weather, the wind was freezing. She was on song with four wins, Francis also had four. Beryl three, Sandra, Genie, Maureen, Margery, Margie B, Bob, Ken all had two, most others at least one. Two jump shots to Francis, one each for Ken, Morna and Genie. Robyn had the only hoop to hoop.

Usual play on Friday at 8am with 17 players including the three pennant teams, Howard and Rosemary best of the day with three wins each, David two, Paul also two with two hoop to hoops to boot.

A great day yesterday, despite the bitter wind and scuds of rain, we hosted Coutts Crossing in our 4th Pennant match, so far two wins and two losses. All games well contested, we played two games, warmed up with MT before 3rd decider, finally Coutts won 6/3 Well done to Venette, Sandra, Genie, Oliver, Pat and Bob. Some of us joined them for lunch at the Marina afterwards. Next week is a bye so normal games continue and the next pennant match is at home at RLS on Friday June 21 v Lawrence at 9am. Names we have in the draw are Sandra, Dot, Pat and Bob, Di, Morna and Francis, anyone else want to have a go? We need a couple of extras in case some is unwell.

‘The Men’s Shed’ tool and car boot sale went very well with 15 car boot stalls along with the craft and tool sale. The BBQ which was well patronised. Tools sold well but not so some lathes etc. These will be advertised on swap and sell on Facebook in the next weeks. Thanks to all the members who helped make it a great day. Monies are yet to be finalised funding the Shed going over the next months.

Pauline Keegan

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