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China and the world

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As a recent visitor to the region I read the copy of CVI 5/6/19 World Environment Day. I congratulate this paper’s environment content but when I read “China hosts world environment day” I was a bit sceptical.

China doesn’t have a good environmental record and proclaiming their theme of air pollution for W.E.D made me put pen to paper.

The fossil fuel industry will slowly (but hopefully) and surely will be an energy thing of the past. Australia needs to get its act together a lot better and quicker than what’s currently happening; and selling more coal is only adding to the problem, not the solution.

The Morrison led coalition by allowing Adani the go ahead (but not yet) to open the Charmichael coal mine (one of the largest in the world) is so hypocritical to meeting green house emission targets? Renewable energy on this planet is what will save us folks.

Paul Brecht, Evans Head

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