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Changed traffic conditions and night work for Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade

Changed traffic conditions continue this week on the Pacific Highway to progress the Woolgoolga to Ballina upgrade.

Line marking will be carried out on the Pacific Highway, between Old Pacific Highway north and Eight Mile Lane, Glenugie for five days from Monday 10 September. A reduced speed limit of 60km/h will be in place between 7am and 6pm.

Heavy vehicles including haulage trucks will be crossing the Pacific Highway north of Banana Road at Woombah on Wednesday 12 September. Traffic will be stopped in both directions and motorists can expect minor delays.

Also from Wednesday, motorists can expect a reduced speed limit in both directions on the Pacific Highway, Devils Pulpit for two days. Vegetation removal will be carried out near the highway between 7am and 6pm.

Bridge girders will continue to be transported between Harwood and Mororo. Traffic control including police escorts will be in place during these deliveries, which will continue until November 2018.

Additional changes to local roads

Work will be carried out on Serpentine Channel Southbank Road, Harwood from Monday 10 September to install traffic barriers. This work will take place between 6am and 6pm and there will be a reduced speed limit, lane closures and traffic control.

Controlled blasting will be carried out at the Gibsons borrow site, Bagotville on Tuesday 11 September. Traffic will be stopped on Old Bagotville Road in both directions while controlled blasting takes place. Motorists may experience short delays while travelling in this area.

A planned traffic diversion onto the newly completed overpass bridges on Old Six Mile Lane and Avenue Road, Glenugie has been postponed to Friday 14 September due to wet weather.

Oversize and over mass deliveries are continuing as the project team moves more than 8500 large concrete pieces from precast yards in Macksville, Coffs Harbour and Brisbane to site. Motorists can see where the trucks are travelling by using the project team’s PAC real time delivery map at

For the safety of workers and motorists, reduced speed limits and traffic control will be in place on the highway, local roads and access roads.

Motorists are advised to plan ahead, drive to the conditions and follow the direction of signs and traffic control as short delays are expected at most locations.

Roads and Maritime thanks the community for its patience while work on the upgrade is carried out.

For the latest traffic updates visit, download the Live Traffic NSW App or call 132 701.

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