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Calling all retired carpenters

Terry and Ken working on a door. Image: Contributed

Can you help? This is the plea from the Lawrence Museum.

President Rob Forbes explained, “We have a lot of projects which have all come to fruition at the same time and while we have some great volunteer helpers and labourers, we really need some experienced tradesmen, especially carpenters.”

“It would only be for 6-8 hours a week, on a short term basis,’ he added. “The Museum has a range of work in progress, completion of the new shed, restoration and building of an older shed, work on outbuildings, the existing heritage building and restoration of large timber items. We provide morning and lunch”

If you can spare a few hours a week, and willing to share knowledge and experience with others, Lawrence Museum would love to hear from you. Please contact Rob on 0412 715 805.

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