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Call to bring back Cane Harvest Festival

Lynne Mowbray |

A public meeting was held on Tuesday September 3 at the Maclean Services Club to discuss the possible reintroduction of the very popular Cane Harvest Festival.

Organiser Corinne Smythe said that she has fond memories of the festival growing up in Maclean as a child and wanted to see the festival reintroduced as ‘Maclean Harvest and Industry Festival’, to encompass other local industries.

“We had about 20 turn up at the first which I thought was a great response for a first meeting,” Corinne said.

“We had people from the retail industry, teachers, cane growers and some people from the RSL so there was a broad range of people attend.

“The first meeting was all very positive and they were all prepared to be a part of the committee.

“Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 17 at 6pm at the Maclean Services Club.

“We’re still looking for volunteers but if people don’t want to come to the meeting they can contact us on our email: or they can contact me on my number 0419 161 510. We also have a Facebook page Maclean Harvest and Industry Festival, which we will filter information onto as it comes up.

We want to get as much community engagement as possible,” she said.

The first Maclean Harvest and Industry Festival is set down for next year, at a date to be finalised.

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