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Butchers hang up their Beanies

Saturday’s BBQ at The Fair Butcher – Maclean. Image: Lynne Mowbray

The team at The Fair Butcher – Yamba. Image: contributed

Staff at The Fair Butcher – Yamba and Maclean, have hung up their beanies at the end of this year’s ‘Beanies for Brain Cancer’ campaign.

Earlier this year, the team were chosen by the Mark Hughes Foundation, as one of the promotional faces for the annual ‘Host a Beanie Day, for Brain Cancer’, appeal.

Owner Chris O’Connor said that they were really rapt about it when they were asked to be one of the faces of the campaign.

“They (The Mark Hughes Foundation) contacted us around the middle of May about launching their campaign in June and asked if they could use some of our media and the photo which The Independent took of us last year – and we jumped at it,” Chris said.

“We’ve enjoyed taking part once again in this year’s Beanies for Brain Cancer appeal.

“We did it for the cause, more than anything.

“Getting people to know about it and raising more awareness; it’s one of the most unknown cancers out there. The brain’s such a complex thing and we know little about it, so any sort of research into it is a good thing,” he said.

The butchers wrapped up this year’s campaign with nothing other than a good old Aussie sausage sizzle at both their stores, to add the last few dollars to this year’s campaign.

“This year we raised just over $5,500 from the sale of the beanies and Saturday’s sausage sizzle,” Chris said.

“We raised $800 alone just from the sausage sizzle.

“I’d like to say a big thanks to Matt and Kylie from The Bake House, Yamba, for donating the bread for the sausage sizzle and thank everyone who helped out with the BBQ on Saturday.

“We just want to say a big thanks also to everyone in the community who have got behind us again this year and everyone who’s dipped into their pockets, for the Mark Hughes Foundation.

“The generosity from the local community has been fantastic – we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

“We’re very happy and very humbled to be a part of it,” he said.

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