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Brooms Head family fun day

Lynne Mowbray |

New Year’s Day turned on perfect weather conditions for the annual Maclean Lions Club, Brooms Head Family Fun Day.

Maclean Lions Club spokesman Laurie Fitzpatrick said that it was an excellent day with exceptional weather.

“We had a light cloud coverage, so it wasn’t too hot on the day,” Mr Fitzpatrick said.

“It was low tide this year so we actually had plenty of beach (to hold the race events).

“It’s the best beach conditions we’ve had for probably 10 years.

“All the events went off well and we had plenty of competitors.

“Our market day was a little bit short on stalls, but everything went fine.

“The football club were flat out all day manning the BBQ, so they had a big day. 

“We gave away about $1500 worth of prizes.

“The gate money collected was close to $1400 and most of that will go back to the Gulmarrad Rural Fire Service which we regularly support; they gave us a hand out on the gate.

“We had a great day and everything went off okay,” he said.

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