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Big weekend of golf for Yamba

Yamba open winner Glen Ferris. Image: Contributed.

A large field of 160 golfers started the biggest weekend of golf for the year with the start of the Crowe Horwath Yamba Open and finally the weather was kind to us with no rain and soaring temperatures.

With visitors from over 20 different clubs playing in Thursday’s Stableford competition our course must be harder than we think as none of the visitors featured in the prize rundown.

A Grade winner was Dave Bruton with 39pts from Doug Luckie 38pts on a c/b from Ken Dewar.

In B Grade Pip Dixon was the winner with a huge score of 43pts from Alan Warry 40pts and 3rd went to Alan Syle with 39pts.

John Parsonage was the C Grade winner with 39pts on a c/b from John McNamara and 3rd went to Don O’Brien with 38pts on a c/b.

NTP’s: SeaFire Steak and Seafood 3rd – Greg Starr at 250cm; Peter Campbell Physio 9th – Jimmy Bishop (Nudgee) at 280cm; SeaFire 10th – Tim Stokes 201cm: Yamba Barber Shop 12th – Peter Hall at 84cm; SeaFire 17th – John Lulham (Toronto) 278cm.

Balls went to 34 with 20 on the back 9.

Friday’s two person Ambrose
The Crowe Horwath Ambrose is an extremely popular event with 208 players from all around the country side honing their skills for the weekend’s Stroke competition and with the last group not finishing till almost 7pm at night and the roving drinks cart on the course were players were more than relaxed at the finish.

The winning team of James Stirling and Gary Blain (Nudgee) returned 59 ½, r/up was the team of Scott Read and Brett Gant (Redland Bay) with 61 ½.

In 3rd place was the team John Francis Brown and Tyler Brown (Mt Warren Park) with 62 ¼, 4th was Craig Duthie and Ray Gibson with 62 ½ and 5th place were the only locals to win a prize, Charlie Tyler and Reilly Wunderlich with 62 ¾ on a c/b.

NTP’s: the 3rd – Ken Blaike (Wynnum) at 85cm; the 9th was Ashley Bleake (Burleigh) at 261cm; the 10th – John Brown (Mt Warren Park) at 162cm; the 12th was Craig Carpenter (Murwillumbah) 104cm; the 17th – Andrew Muldoon (Coolangatta Tweed) at 20cm.

66 nett received balls.

Saturdays 18 hole winners
A field of 260 players contested the two day Stroke event with mainly visitors taking part in this prestigious event.

Saturday A Grade gross winner was Yamba’s own Mackenzie Wright with 72 hits from Dave Calvert (Byron Bay) 75 on a c/b.

A Grade nett winner was Michael Johnson (Burleigh Heads) 69 nett from Steve Alford 70 nett (Grafton).

In B Grade Craig Carpenter (Murwillumbah) was the gross winner with 80 on a c/b from Scott Mills (Pacific Golf Club). In the nett Geoff Urquhart (Windaroo Lakes) took out the prize with 69 nett from Doug Luckie from Yamba 71 nett.

C Grade gross winner was John Brown (Mt Warren Park) with 89 hits from Troy Lewis (Mt Warren Park) with 90. In the nett Sam Simpson (Burleigh) was the winner with 68 nett from Col Holcroft 70 nett.

NTP’s: the 3rd Michael Johnson (Burleigh) 63cm; the 9th was Richard Davis 135cm; the 10th was Steve Cotton (Arundel Hills) 94cm; the 12th went to Chris Jones 22cm; the 17th was Mat Crandell (Byron) at 260cm.

The longest drive which measured 311 metres was by Jackson Kennedy (Burleigh Heads).

Sundays 18 hole winners
Jackson Kennedy won the A Grade gross with 73 hits from Karl Thorne (Wantima) with 74 on a c/b. A Grade nett winner was Michael Shirlow (Yamba) with 69nett from Barry Howe (Burleigh Heads) 70 nett. B Grade gross winner was Robert Hend 79 hits from John Hogan (Burleigh) 81 hits. Mark Wright (Coolangatta) was the B Grade nett winner with 69 and Guy Brauer (Toronto) was the nett r/up with 71.

Troy Lewis (Mt Warren Park) was the C Grade gross winner with 86 hits from David Saddler (Arundel Hills) 87 hits. Brian Smith (Yamba) was the nett winner with 69 from Sam Simpson (Burleigh) 71 nett.

NTP’s: the 3rd Ian Clark (Coolangatta) 141cm; the 9th was Richard Davies (Murwillumbah) 92cm: the 10th was Michael Johnson (Burleigh) 133cm; the 12th was Neil Kingston (Coolangatta) at 118cm; the 17th went to David Calvert (Byron Bay) 220cm.

Longest drive went to Jackson Kennedy again and the Pro Pin went to Chris Jones from Burleigh 22cm.

36 hole event
The Crowe Horwath Yamba Open winner was Glen Ferris (Burleigh) with 150 gross, 2nd in the gross was Jackson Kennedy (Burleigh) with 151 on a c/b. John Hogan won the nett with 142 from Robert Hend (Nudgee) with 143 on a c/b.

Troy Lewis (Mt Warren Park) was the B Grade gross winner with 176 from John Brown (Mt Warren Park) with 181 hits. Phil McDougal was the B Grade nett winner with 144 from Tony Star (Coolangatta) with 145.

C Grade gross winner was Sam Simpson (Burleigh) with 195 from Brian Smith (Yamba) with 196; nett winner was Col Holcroft (Redland Bay) with 151 from Michael Davis (Redland Bay) with 154.

Huge thanks to the sponsors Crowe Horwath and to all the volunteers who gave their time during the tournament, this is the jewel in the golfing crown for Yamba and it wouldn’t be possible without your help so thank you.

Chris Durrington

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