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Big River Sailing Club hosts Regional Development Camp

Charlie Nosworthy, a Port Macquarie visitor who participated in the Regional Development Camp. Image: contributed

A group of aspiring young sailors gathered at the Big River Sailing Club on the weekend to participate in the Australian Sailing Regional Youth Development Camp. In addition to a number of Clarence Valley residents, the camp also attracted participants from Tweed Valley to Port Macquarie.

Aimed at promoting the sport and developing skills, the clinic was run by accredited Australian Sailing coach George Morton. George put the group through their paces with a number of on water drills which targeted boat handling techniques and racing strategies. Off water activities included a post training debrief, where the group were encouraged to reflect on and contribute to discussions about their experiences during the day.

Whilst the camp was aimed at sailors who were already racing, club officials Neil Hayes and Hariet Woodrow also provided a ‘green fleet’ basic skills session for a number of recent or intending entrants to the sport. 

The first of the Club Championship heats were also run on the Saturday with the following results:

Heat 1: W Culph, R Nosworthy, M Mulligan. Juniors: H Mahoney, C Nosworthy, E Robertson.

Heat 2: M Mulligan, W Culph, G McKenzie.

Wayne Culph

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