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Big regatta weekend this Saturday & Sunday

This weekend, Clarence Valley residents will have the privilege of witnessing one of the biggest rowing events outside of the Sydney metropolitan area.

The ‘Head of the Clarence Rowing Regatta’ will be held on Saturday, and Grafton Rowing Club’s annual rowing regatta will be held on Sunday. The regatta will be held on the club’s Grafton course in front of the boulevard at the river end of Prince Street, with no charge for entry.

This competition has 258 athletes, making up a total of 403 entries.

Most club’s attending Saturday’s Head of the Clarence River Regatta, have chosen to stay on for the Grafton Rowing Club Regatta.

Also competing will be the state’s many Masters Rowers.

Junior competitors and masters race a distance of one kilometre, while rowers from the under 17 and open divisions compete over two kilometres.

This regatta is a great boost to Grafton’s economy, and Grafton Rowing Club thanks the many local businesses who have again this year assisted them by sponsoring races on the day.

Lyndall Burchell

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