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Big fields at Yamba golf

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A field of 190 golfers competed in the midweek Stableford with visitors from many clubs far and wide.

Winner in A Grade, after a countback when three golfers all finished with 39 points, was Matt Salqvist from Biloela followed by Terry Winser and Dan Morgan (Kew). B Grade saw a welcome return to form by Ian Goodman with 40 points. Second was Pip Dixon and third place went to Gordon Wilson. C Grade saw the score of the day when Zane Lowe had a big day out with 44 points. Brian Smith and Tony Moran would feel a bit hard done by when they had what would normally be a winning score of 42 points but had to settle for the lesser placings.

NTP’s were sponsored by SeaFire Steak & Seafood, Peter Campbell Physiotherapist and Yamba Barber Shop. Nearest on the 3rd and 9th was Barry Fisher with 239 and 302 respectively. 10th Sid Mills 223cm, 12th Larry McKenzie 42cm and 17th, Alex Mintern 166cm. Ball winners needed 34 with 17 on the back nine.

Terry Lawes wins the Saturday Stableford

Another excellent field of 155 contested Saturday’s competition in very warm conditions. Terry Lawes revelled in the heat to win A Grade with 42 points from Graham Niland (39) and Greig Little 38 on a countback. In B Grade, Steven Henwood survived a countback to win from Greg LaForest with 39 points. Sid Mills took third place with 38 on, a countback. Visitors from Royal Sydney and Royal Melbourne won vouchers in C Grade. Raphael Commins (Royal Melbourne) won with 41 points from Denis Walpole (39) and Kenelm Stump (Royal Sydney) (38).

NTP winners were: 3rd Mark Wheelahan (Grafton) 56cm, 9th Roger Cotton 261cm, 10th Barry Fisher 101cm, 12th Paul Morrow (Toowoomba) 34, 17th Dale Pigram 10cm (only a couple of rolls from a hole in one) and, 2nd shot to 17 Raphael Commins (Royal Melbourne). Thanks to our sponsors, John Wright Pro Shop, Peter Campbell Physiotherapist, SeaFire Steak & Seafood and Bean Scene. The ball rundown, went to 35 with 17 on the back nine. There were three Eagles scored during the day. On the 7th Stephen Hardwick holed his 2nd shot. David Molloy (Redcliffe) on the 4th, also holing his second shot and, on the 14th, Jamie Pengilly’s 3rd shot found the hole.

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