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Ben Jansz – Harwood Hotel Fri July 13

Ben Jansz finds inspiration in various musical genres – blues & roots, folk, rock, indie, reggae and alternative – and those who concoct similar musical potions, such John Butler, Kim Churchill, Foo Fighters, Bob Marley, Xavier Rudd, Matt Corby, Sticky Fingers … and the list goes on.

Living by his words ‘tomorrow I’ll be better than yesterday’, Jansz “believes that the only person you should strive to be greater than is yourself, making the possibilities for self-growth limitless”.

Originally from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Jansz hit the road in 2015 to travel the east coast of Australia on a self-funded tour/journey of self-discovery.

Find out what makes him tick this Friday night July 13 when he plays at the Harwood Hotel – check out his Follow Your Feet (Home Session) for a taste of his one-man-band mastery of instruments and technology.

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