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Beach closure


I recently went to the council to buy my beach pass for summer only to find out that driving on Brooms Head beach has been suspended. I don’t recall receiving anything in my letterbox informing me of this decision.

The one and only reason I moved to Gulmarrad was so I could access the beach by vehicle. I have arthritis and can’t walk on soft sand but used to be able to drive to the wet sand so that I could still get some exercise. I am still mobile enough to not warrant issue of a disability permit but struggle with stairs and soft sand.

If I knew I was going to be stopped doing that I would have moved to Lismore or somewhere else, where there are a lot more facilities than here.

I cannot walk the distance from Brooms Head Rd to the wet sand, which means I am limited to only using the patrolled section when the tide is LOW.

I am so upset and annoyed that my health and lifestyle is being affected by a few “tourist idiots”. Surely there is a better way to control the hoons.

I don’t have a problem with the beach being closed to cars in “peak” tourist season, but totally object to my loss of lifestyle for the remainder of the year.

If people were driving recklessly down the main street, they wouldn’t close the street to everyone….just the offenders would be punished.

Surely there are better alternatives:

More ranger patrols with bigger penalties?

Surveillance camera at the entrance that records each vehicles number plate – If the vehicle is reported then a hefty fine could be sent?

Reserved for use by locals only?

Anybody who loves our beach as much as I do would be happy to be the eyes for the authorities and report wrong doers.

I am very, very annoyed and upset about this decision and angry that it seemed to happen without any vote from the residents in my area.

Debra Doble, Gulmarrad

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