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Bad Habits Tobacconists & Gifts

Posted March 4, 2020.

Welcoming All Offers

Be your own boss with this high turnover business located in a prime central position within the CBD of the vibrant riverfront township of Maclean. The established retail business has a current lease in place and presents with a solid and sustainable customer base and long term proven track record of comfortable profit for the owner operators.

Specialist in tobacco and tobacco related products, home brewing kits and supplies along with a selection of gift ware, special event and milestone birthday supplies.

With the current owners looking to retire, the business offers future growth opportunities for the incoming owner to further capitalize upon – your interest and negotiations with the extremely motivated owners are invited. Detailed financial reports are available upon enquiry.

For further information or to arrange your private inspection, contact Tim O’Connor on 0402 766 617.

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