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Art in the Paddock – a great day out

Julie Hutchings drawing at the Sketch House I 2019. Image: Graham Mackie

All the artists and volunteers at Art in the Paddock have just finished unpacking after a big day out on Sunday June 2 at the Yulgilbar Castle. Over 400 people enjoyed the art displays and demonstrations, live music, tours and delicious food on offer.

The day started a bit ominously with a shower of rain as everyone was setting up. However by the time the guests arrived by car and bus the sky held back.

Twenty eight artists displayed their work. Geoff Welham presented and played his amazing harps, Eoin McSwan with the help of two other artist blacksmiths forged new work and Jimmy Waghorn showed off his airbrushing skills. Pamela Denise presented live art – beautiful lilies and ferns in her handcrafted pots.

Five artists, Julie Hutchings, Graham Mackie, Stacey Conridge, Liz Slater and Sue Harris, drew and painted up at the Sketch House. Guests were driven up to see the fabulous views over the Clarence River and engage with the artists as they created work.

The Clarence Valley Conservatorium Orchestra, ‘Stringsnthings’, launched the live music program on the front lawn of the castle. Georgia Cummings, Marty & Simone Robinson and Paul Commerford & Co followed. Judging by the audience the program was a great success. The people who did the two sittings of high tea and the wine & cheese on the front veranda certainly thought so.

The day was wrapped up by the raffle draw, an art auction and most importantly the presentation of the three art awards. Congratulations to Eoin McSwan who won the inaugural Baillieu Art Award of $500 , Debra Keyes who took out second place worth $250 and Stacey Conridge who won the Guests Choice of $250.

The day was literally wrapped up by the return of the light rain, but not too soon. The Gallery Foundation thanks all its guests, artists and sponsors for making Art in the Paddock such a great fundraising day.

Foundation had a great fundraiser on Sunday, literally Art in the Paddock with visual arts and music. Thanks for all your support of our event.

Jude McBean

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