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A long weekend of championship tennis

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The 92nd North Coast Championships will take place this coming weekend June 7-10 with the finals being played on the Monday.

President of the Grafton City Tennis Club, Ayesha Beckman said the Championship will be a great event showcasing a lot of local talent.

“There will be some individual comebacks including an ex-champion from the 80’s presenting a challenge to the newer generation”.

Alesha says Phil Beckman (local tennis coach) will be the Tournament Director and one of the club’s younger players, 15 year old Harry Hreszczuk has organised scan tags for players and volunteers to speed up the sign in process, as well as score desks to decentralise and take scores electronically.

“It will be an improvement for the tournament and Grafton will be the first to implement these new systems”. Said Alesha.

The tennis tournament has free entry and the canteen will run all day for players, spectators and guests.

Grafton City Tennis Club is located at 202 Prince Street; further information can be found on the club’s website

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