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A bridge too far?

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Now that the elections are over I would like the politicians and the main roads officials to consider the following.

The Harwood Bridge is complete to all intents and purposes apart from cosmetic work on either end. Next year some time there will be an official opening with all the dignitaries present as is the norm. There will probably be a ‘walk-over’ for the general public to celebrate its completion.

I would like those in charge to consider having a few more days before then, where people can have the opportunity to do that walk. Once it is open, there will be no pedestrian traffic allowed. There will be many people in the local area who may not be in town or have other commitments that would stop them doing the walk on the opening day.

It would not be too difficult surely to have a walk over every season. That means there may be three or four other days available before the official opening.

Now I know there will be workplace health and safety issues to consider (isn’t there always?) and other logistical issues but none of them insurmountable I’m sure. Even if it was opened only from the northern side and parking was around the Harwood oval, highway traffic would not be inconvenienced.

The bridge and its access roads are a sight to behold and we have watched in awe at its construction. Surely it is not too big an ask to have the bridge available for walking before the official opening to traffic.

Col  Hennessy, Iluka

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