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2019 CRDWBA Pennant Presentation Day

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On Thursday May 2Grafton District Services Club hosted Pennant Presentation Day with 98 players and guests attending. GDWBC President Mary Firth extended a warm welcome to all and invited them to enjoy morning tea.

Maureen Grimes and the match committee called the cards for the morning games and told the players to go and have fun on the Greens.

After a delicious roast meal for lunch it was on to the presentations.

Firstly the winners of the morning games were H. Atkinson, S. Cornish, C. Caldwell, D. Bury; K. Mason, V. Beddow, W. Ballantyne.

Then on to the main purpose of the day winners for the 2019 Pennant season.

CRDWBA Grade 2 Pennant winners Yamba: J. Coulter, L. Asbury, D. Bury, W. Ballantyne, V. Beddow. J. Button, K. Pedder, C. Cole.

CRDWBA Grade 3 Pennant winners Grafton District: J. Pugh, M. Toovey, D. Lawson, B. Murray, R. Foley, D. Walsh, A. Bowling,

A. Williams.

CRDWBA Grade 4 Pennant winners Red Rock-Corindi: D. Cox, C. Bond, C. Newman, J. Murray, D. Guy, A. Fuller, Z. Ferrington,

A. Rudd.

What a great day with sun shining; the Greens were full of players, lots of laughter and friendly banter… the way bowls should be played on these occasions. We also need to thank our head of match Robyn McPherson who has (over the last 8 weeks) been at the end of the phone to answer any questions we had. We did try her out with the ‘Heat, Inclement Weather and Injured Players Policies’ and she came up trumps for us each time.

Congratulations to all the winners and to all the participants for making it a wonderful day.

Carol Newman

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